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Hello all. Star’s friend Dee here.

I’ve been dragging my feet, waiting to be able to give you the “happily ever after” version of Star’s post eye surgery report. But, sadly, it’s not forthcoming.

The Big Day (Monday)

We got to the outpatient center yesterday right on schedule – 6:15 a.m. Not too tough for an early riser like Star, but yoiks – that’s early for a sleeper-inner like me!

There were some very enjoyable moments – especially when Star had all the nurses – and even the no-nonsense surgeon — in stitches (sorry – cheap medical profession pun) before she was anesthetized. I mean, she was ON!  Nurses on the other side of the room were looking for excuses to get in a little closer, trying to figure out why everyone was laughing right before this “poor patient” was getting ready to head for surgery. So I advise – hold on to that delightfully Star image for a while.

Two hours later. According to the doctor, who came out to the waiting room to give me the full report, the surgery went very well. According to the nurse, who gave me her full report in the post-op, Star did very well. She woke from the anesthesia right on schedule. We got her back into the car to go home right on schedule. So smooooth. Was this too good to be true?

As the icy gauze pads went on and the eye drops went in and the day wore on, it was becoming obvious that the signs of single vision that Star had been holding on to for all these months just weren’t there. In fact, she was becoming aware that not only did she still have double vision – but it was a different kind of double vision. Now, instead of having things doubling up side by side, things were starting to double up above and below. What was once two heads of me, side by side, became two heads of me, one on top of the other.

This was NOT good. Star was heartbroken, and I was Pollyanna and Annie rolled into one: “The sun’ll come out…tomorrow…”

The Day After (Tuesday)

But then this morning, “tomorrow” was here, and the sun was not.

The surgery has been done, but Star is still seeing everything double – except for hope…which she can’t see at all right now.

I think we all need to start seeing double hope for her right now—and holding onto that double dose for her during the next 2 days, then through her Thursday doctor appointment, and for whatever will be facing her after that.

She’s as down as I’ve ever seen her (and those of us who are faithful readers of her blog know how hard she’s tried to stay “up” through all this – and more!), and as tough as it is for a self-sufficient gal like her, I think she needs to hear from us all & really truly believe we care about her.

If you can take a moment to send Star some genuine thoughts/wishes/prayers (no empty aphorisms or cheerleader platitudes, please!), that would mean a lot right now.

My hope is that we’ll be getting an update from her real soon with much more promising news!


(tues. 4/19/2011)


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