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I remember when my Grandma died.
I grieved like I’d never stop.
But I don’t think I realized, even then,
just what a void she was leaving in my life.
That came later,
in those times when I would have given anything
to have someone on my side.
She always was, you know.
I could be as wrong as I could be,
but I wouldn’t hear it from Grandma, oh no!
She was for me, no matter what.
She couldn’t help herself.
She just loved me that much.
At the time, I never realized
what a uniquely precious gift that was.
But I do now.
Every time I smell the scent of peonies,
I think of her in her brightly flowered silk dresses.
I remember my small hand
in her rough, work-hardened one
as we’d head down the sidewalk to church,
the summer sun beating down on our heads.
I always felt so proud to be with her.
I remember how she’d let me do
all the things other grown-ups forbade –
like jumping on the bed, “cooking” in the kitchen,
and staying up way past my bedtime.
I realize now that when I lost her,
I lost one of the best friends I’d ever have.
One thing does comfort me, though.
It’s said that if even one person remembers you,
then you’ll live on forever.
Well, I do, Grandma.
Believe me, I do,
and I always will.


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